Acoustical Panels Hardware

Marsh acoustical panels have three different install options with the hardware materials below.  There are two wall mount choices and one ceiling mount option.  Below are the part numbers and descriptions arranged by mounting types.   Mounting hardware is not required when ordering acoustical panels and is an additional cost item.

roto standard header.jpg
roto standard image.jpg

Application:     Dry Wall

HDAP02 Kit (includes list below)

Rotofast Anchor:     HA8751-A

Blue Screw:     HA8747

White Anchor:     HA8746

Orange Marker:     HA8754

Black Screw Ratchet:     HA8751-B

Instructions:     HA8757

Tool:     HA8755 (sold separately)


  • Tool = one per order, for every 15 panels add an additional tool


impaling clips header.jpg
impaling clips image.jpg

Application:     Concrete or Dry Wall

Impaling Clips are now included with every panel related to quantity needed based on panel size

Impaling Clips:     HA8750


  • Do not hang in areas where a person or item could press against the panel

roto cloud header.jpg
roto cloud image.jpg

Application:     Ceiling

Part Numbers to Add to Acoustical Panels Order

Rotofast Anchor:     HA8753


  • Customer would provide the wire to apply the Roto Cloud anchor to the ceiling