Jack Series - Cantilever Desk and Chair

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Chair and Desk Frames Heavy duty 12 gauge oval steel tube for strength: double power coated for durability in platinum color

Glide System  Case hardened steel glides will be directly attached to frame tubing through nylon trimmed fastening system.  The glides will be of full swivel design, silent and firm fitting for positive attachment and retention.  All glides must make full level contact with the floor and the maximum swivel angle of the glide shall not be violated.  The glide base is made from nylon material to protect and easily slide over virtually all flooring surfaces.  

Desk Top  Available in high pressure HDF laminated in Maple 20"x26" rectangle; black edged.  Optional desk tops; thermal fused MDF and solid plastic

Shell  One-piece shell is injection molded from special high impact, blush resistant polypropylene plastic.  Textured surface is etched to provide a non-slip surface while assisting in maintaining like-new appearance.  The underside of the shell is molded with an advanced rib pattern transferring weight directly to the frame.  The shell is attached to frame with four machine rivets.

Shell Colors  Available in standard Black, Navy and Burgundy.

Special Order Hunter Green, Red, Orange, Purple and Yellow

Optional Wire Book Box  0.2" round wire, powder coated.  

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