A New Overview PDF on PB Markerboards is Available

This PDF explains why the PB series is ideal for projection applications, provides a part number and product overview along with contact information.

This new 5 page PDF can be customized on the last page to include your contact name, contact details and logo - just contact Mark Drobney to get a custom version.

Did You Know Marsh Offers Full Height Markerboard Walls?


Full height markerboards sized 6 feet and 8 feet high by unlimited widths (using H bar) are available from Marsh Industries.  As well, single unit markerboards can be sourced as large as 5 feet high and 16 feet long.

Please contact Marsh at your convenience for pricing and information on these large size markerboards! 


New Acoustical Panels - Marsh launched the acoustical product line in 2017

panels joint page for news section.jpg

Marsh Acoustical Wall Panels reduce sound intensity and reverberation as well as the leading acoustical panel, but are wrapped in an acoustical fabric, available in a variety of colors!


  • Classroom and Offices
  • Healthcare Facilities and Hospitals
  • Churches and Restaurants


  • Class 1 Fire Rated
  • NRC Ratings .85 - 1.15
  • 6-7lb per cubic foot density


  • 1" or 2" thickness
  • 24 fabric colors
  • Custom sizing up to 4' x 10'