Acoustical Panels

Marsh acoustical panels have two different size options:  1" panels and 2" panels.  Most applications would require the 1" panel size while 2" panels would help with higher pitched sounds.  There are 24 fabric colors to choose from as well as the ability to use custom graphics that can help market and brand an organization while serving as a functional sound reducing tool.  There are stock fabric colors as well as non-standard fabric colors - lead time details are listed below.

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Key Points

Marsh Acoustical Wall Panels reduce sound intensity and reverberation and are available in a variety of colors!

Lead Time

2 weeks standard, Custom Graphic panels 3-4 weeks and call for lead times for non-standard colors.


Free Freight

Does not qualify for the free freight program - freight charges are additional



Hardware is additional cost.  Each hardware item will be listed on the order with a cost



Standard discounts apply



  • Acoustical panels help minimize sound within the same room
  • Reduces strength of reflected sound to reduce reflected sounds
  • Noise transmission application is not applicable (sounds from another room coming into a different room through walls)
  • 1" panels will help with the majority of sounds - most applications will work for the 1" option
  • 2" panels will help with higher pitched sounds