With rounded corners and three different sizes, Notch is a wall mounted whiteboard that sits nicely side by side or can live well on its own.

Product Details

  • check-icon Made from durable CeramicSteel
  • check-icon Magnetic
  • check-icon Frameless
  • check-icon Standoff mounts in satin chrome finish​
  • check-icon Edge painted with durable lacquer to match surface​
  • check-icon Can be installed horizontally or vertically
  • check-icon Orientation is not predetermined by hardware​
  • check-icon Available in all CeramicSteel colors and finishes​
  • check-icon Indoor Air Quality Certified – Indoor Advantage™ Gold
  • check-icon Class A Flame Spread Rating

Product Dimensions

47" x 47"47" x 47"32 lbs32 lbs0.25"0.25"
47" x 72"47" x 72"50 lbs50 lbs0.25"0.25"
47" x 95"47" x 95"66 lbs66 lbs0.25"0.25"