Pro-Rite Gleam


Give your room a high gloss finish with Gleam, Polyvision’s only Pro-Rite glass whiteboard. For corporate settings that need a lift; from the office to the conference room, Gleam is an eye-catching glassboard that stands out and beckons good ideas with the same versatility and reliability as the rest of our office whiteboards. Slightly heavier than our CeramicSteel, Gleam is still easy to install—and hard to miss.

Product Details

  • check-icon Made from 0.1875″ low iron tempered glass​
  • check-icon Back painted with low VOC, eco-friendly, water-based paints​
  • check-icon 10 popular colors​
  • check-icon Magnetic, requires rare earth magnets
  • check-icon Z-bracket mounting​
  • check-icon Available in horizontal orientation

Product Dimensions

48" x 48"48" x 48"56 lbs56 lbs0.1875"0.1875"
48″ x 72″48″ x 72″84 lbs84 lbs0.1875"0.1875"
48″ x 96″48″ x 96″112 lbs112 lbs0.1875"0.1875"