Sometimes it just takes a little quiet to get things done. This multifaceted collaboration tool triple-duties as a mobile magnetic writing surface, space divider and acoustic panel. When your design calls for a smart, out of the box solution that combines mobile whiteboards and acoustic panels for the office, Whisper is a real space saver and idea generator. For additional mobile writing surfaces, check out the Drift mobile whiteboard.

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Product Details

  • check-icon Made from durable CeramicSteel and Camira Fabrics​
  • check-icon White frame​
  • check-icon Smooth-rolling casters with locks​
  • check-icon Magnetic
  • check-icon Nests easily to save space
  • check-icon Side A is standard with whiteboard panel on top and acoustic panel on bottom​
  • check-icon Side B allows choice between whiteboard panel on top and acoustic panel on bottom or all acoustic panel ​
  • check-icon Available in White Gloss and Hygienic White Gloss​
  • check-icon 5 textile colorways, also match Weave​
  • check-icon Wheelbase assembly required for installation
  • check-icon Indoor Air Quality Certified – Indoor Advantage™ Gold
  • check-icon Noise absorbing acoustic panel core is made from recycled textile fiber which is 100% recyclable and resistant to mold​
  • check-icon Complies with fire class B / S1 / Do. Sound absorption (ISO 354) aw 0,95
  • check-icon Side A (CeramicSteel and fabric) has an NRC rating of 0.45 per ASTM 423
  • check-icon Side B (All fabric) has an NRC rating of 0.90 per ASTM 423
CeramicSteel Colors
White Gloss

Whisper | Single-Sided

75" x 47"75" x 47"66 lbs66 lbs20 5/16"20 5/16"

Whisper | Double-Sided

75" x 47"75" x 47"86 lbs86 lbs20 5/16"20 5/16"