Pro-Cast Projection Boards


Pro-Cast Markerboards are designed to reduce glare and hotspots when projecting from both short throw and long throw projectors. The five-foot tall board maximizes projection area and features an aluminum frame. Each board is installed using a L-Clip system giving the board a contemporary look.

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Product Details

  • check-icon Offers an excellent light diffusion for outstanding projected image quality
  • check-icon Easy to clean
  • check-icon Stands up to harsh chemicals such as bleach
  • check-icon Made with magnetic CeramicSteel projection surface from PolyVision
  • check-icon A high-quality substrate maintains a smooth and flat surface
  • check-icon Dry erase markers should be wiped clean with marker cleaner
  • check-icon Choose between matte projection or low gloss surface

Matte Projection Surface

5’ x 4’5’ x 4’80 lbs80 lbsPR504-1460-5650PR504-1460-5650
5’ x 6’5’ x 6’120 lbs120 lbsPR506-1460-5650PR506-1460-5650
5’ x 8’5’ x 8’160 lbs160 lbsPR508-1460-5650PR508-1460-5650
5’ x 10’5’ x 10’200 lbs200 lbsPR510-1460-5650PR510-1460-5650
5’ x 12’5’ x 12’240 lbs240 lbsPR512-1460-5650PR512-1460-5650

Low Gloss Markerboard

5’ x 4’5’ x 4’80 lbs80 lbsPR504-1460-6100PR504-1460-6100
5’ x 4’ (map rail)5’ x 4’ (map rail)80 lbs80 lbsPR504-1461-6100PR504-1461-6100
5’ x 6’5’ x 6’120 lbs120 lbsPR506-1460-6100PR506-1460-6100
5’ x 6’ (map rail)5’ x 6’ (map rail)120 lbs120 lbsPR506-1461-6100PR506-1461-6100
5’ x 8’5’ x 8’160 lbs160 lbsPR508-1460-6100PR508-1460-6100
5’ x 8’ (map rail)5’ x 8’ (map rail)160 lbs160 lbsPR508-1461-6100PR508-1461-6100
5’ x 10’5’ x 10’200 lbs200 lbsPR510-1460-6100PR510-1460-6100
5’ x 10’ (map rail)5’ x 10’ (map rail)200 lbs200 lbsPR510-1461-6100PR510-1461-6100
5’ x 12’5’ x 12’240 lbs240 lbsPR512-1460-6100PR512-1460-6100
5’ x 12’ (map rail)5’ x 12’ (map rail)240 lbs240 lbsPR512-1461-6100PR512-1461-6100
Color Options
5650 White
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